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ZY Dropshipping - One-stop Dropshipping Fulfillment Center
ZY Dropshipping - One-stop Dropshipping Fulfillment Center

What factors are important in the Sourcing process?

Finding the most profitable dropshipping niches or the best dropshipping products for your online store is not enough for your online store success. You also need a professional dropshipping supplier so you can get high-quality dropshipping products at discounted prices.


Of course, the price is a very important part of the whole dropshipping process, if there is no good profit, then the whole process will be meaningless. But the price is not the lower the better. If the price reduction leads to other bad results, then it is not worth it. Keeping the entire chain (factory-agent-you) profitable is a virtuous circle. We will provide you with product prices lower than those on AliExpress to expand your profits

Delivery speed  

Before your customer receives the package, the shipping speed is a must for every dropshipper to consider, in addition to the shipping time of the carrier, there is also a very important factor is the shipping speed of the factory, especially when your daily sales exceed After 100 orders, whether the factory has the ability to produce so many orders is also a question to be considered. We will provide you with multiple factories to choose from, and identify their production speed

The best benefits

Product Quality

A bad product quality reaching a customer can lead to customer complaints, loss of website credibility, or even the suspension of ad accounts, and even the lightest punishment - a customer asking for a refund will cost you a lot of your profits, so Be sure not to use substandard quality products as your choice. We will confirm the quality before the package starts shipping.

Return policy  

When a product starts to become popular, be sure to communicate with the factory about the return policy, because the factory cannot guarantee 100% product quality. In order to avoid disputes over returns, it is very important to communicate in advance.


At ZY Dropshipping, we want to be more than your fulfillment center. We consider ourselves an essential partner for your ecommerce business success. Our goal is to help you get the best dropshipping products at affordable prices
and take care of the operational side of your online store so you can focus on scaling your sales and growing your ecommerce business.